Dizzy Blonde
Tuesday, January 06, 2004
1.) I am tall.
2.) I am blonde.
3.) We have seven dogs.
4.) I live in a big house.
5.) There are nine people in my house.
6.)There are seven kids in my house.
7.) I work at McDonald's.
8.) I am a manager.
9.)I am the oldest girl in the house.
10.)I am from Buffalo, N.Y.
11.)I live outside city limits.
12.) We have a pool.
13.) I am a senoir this year.
14.)This is my last semester ever.
15.) School will be over soon.
16.) It will be over in five months.
17.) Two months after I graduate I will be eighteen years old.
18.) After I graduate I will quit McDonalds.
19.) I wear glasses.
20.) I don't drive yet, even though I wish I did.
21.) My dog had puppies on Christmas Eve.
22.) So I named the dark brown girl Eve.
23.) I have my own room.
24.) I have four brothers.
25.) I have four sisters.
26.) My dad stands 6"9.
27.) My mom stands almost 5 foot.
28.) My dad is a truck driver.
29.) Butterflies are very pretty.
30.) Most of my family lives in New York.
31.) I live in the United States.
32.) I used to live Sloan, N.Y.
33.) I went to prom last year.
34.) People irratate me when they act stupid.

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